If you want to lower blood fat, recommend a few bowls of lipid-lowering soup

If you want to lower blood fat, recommend a few bowls of lipid-lowering soup

High blood lipids basically means increased blood viscosity, which is a dangerous inducement of cardio-cerebral blood vessels, which can cause atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

  Paying attention to a scientific diet and eating high-faecal and high-sugar foods have been proven to be effective measures to lower blood lipids.

Therefore, for patients with high blood lipids but no complications, the purpose of lowering blood lipids and preventing further development of the disease can be achieved by insisting on taking the following health soup.

  Hawthorn carp soup takes about 500 grams of carp, 25 grams of hawthorn slices, 150 grams of flour, and one egg.

Wash and cut the carp first, add rice wine, and soak the salt for 15 minutes.

Add the right amount of water and sugar to the flour, stir in the eggs and stir into the paste, soak the pieces of fish in the paste, remove the sticky flour, and fry in the oil that has been exploded in ginger for 3 minutes. Then pick up the hawthorn., Cook over high heat, add a small amount of raw flour, make simmered water, pour fried fish fillets and cook for 15 minutes, add onion segments, MSG is ready to serve.

  Take the amount of seaweed and cucumber soup, 100 grams of cucumber.

After the seaweed is released, add salt, soy sauce, ginger, cucumber slices, boil, and add MSG and sesame oil.

  Lily asparagus soup takes 50 grams of lily and 250 grams of canned asparagus.

Wash the lily first, add vegetarian soup to the pot, put the lily in the soup pot, heat and dry, add rice wine, refined salt, MSG seasoning, and pour into the bowl filled with asparagus to serve.

  Kelp fungus broth kelp, 15 grams each of black fungus, shredded, 60 grams of lean pork, cut into shreds or slices, mix well with starch, put into the pot with kelp and fungus, boil, add MSG and starch, stir wellServe.
  Hawthorn silver flower soup takes 30 grams of hawthorn, 6 grams of honeysuckle, and 20 grams of sugar.

First put hawthorn and honeysuckle in a spoon, stir-fry with gentle heat, add sugar, stir-fry with low heat to save sugar, brew with boiling water, take one dose daily.

  Hawthorn Shouwu Decoction Take hawthorn, 15 grams each of Polygonum multiflorum, 60 grams of white sugar.

First wash the hawthorn and Polygonum multiflorum, chop them together, add them to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, soak for two hours, and then cook for about an hour.