Don’t step on these 5 skincare minefields _1

Don’t step on these 5 skincare “minefields”

As the saying goes, “details determine everything”, skin care and beauty are the same. If these small details are not good, they will become skincare “minefields”, which will greatly reduce the effect of skin care!
  护肤雷区1、脸洗得越久越干净  洗脸越久越干净是个错误的观念,因为洁面产品在脸上停留时间过久,细胞间脂质流失就越多,肌肤会变得干燥较无弹性,所以Don’t wash your face too long, it is recommended to control the time to about one and a half to two minutes.
  护肤雷区2、洁面产品清洁力越强洗得越干净  如果选择强效洁面产品,会刺激肌肤,且过度清洁会造成皮肤干燥敏感,甚至可能出现红肿、脱皮等现象,所以应该选择适当且适合Cleansing products, after washing the face should feel refreshing, not tight, a little moisturizing but not sticky is best.
  护肤雷区3、洗完脸用毛巾擦干  都知道洗完之后水分留在脸上,如果等其蒸发的话,会带走肌肤的水分,让皮肤变干,所以很多妹子一洗完脸就赶紧Drying with a towel is not completely wrong. It is OK to use a towel. Try not to wipe, gently press on the face, and just absorb the excess water on the skin surface.
If rubbed vigorously, it will hurt the skin.
  护肤雷区4、面膜没有变干可以多敷一会  敷面膜的时候不能聊天跟做表情大家都知道,但敷的时间很多妹子都不知道,总觉得上面的精华还没干,多敷一会It will not be wasted. In fact, this is wrong, because not only will not absorb more nutrients for too long, but it will become dry and produce fine lines, and may even cause allergies.
Therefore, the time to apply the mask is about 15 minutes, and it is best not to exceed 20 minutes.
  护肤雷区5、一直使用同一套保养流程  现在使用的流程觉得皮肤挺好的,所以就一直用同一套保养方式与流程,这是不对的,因为不同的季节或者身体变化会让肌肤的状况有It ‘s different, so you should make some adjustments according to the current skin condition. The best is for the skin. If you do not adjust the process for a long time, it may cause a burden on the skin. Be sure to distinguish the situation.