Chinese medicine: maintenance methods for different complexions

Chinese medicine: maintenance methods for different complexions

Although red, blue, yellow, white, and black faces are different, they are all normal and abnormal.

Generally speaking, bright and moist is a normal complexion, and dullness or a certain color alone is seen in areas that should not appear, which are all sick colors.

  Looking complexion requires nourishing the liver. The complexion is a phenomenon of meridian blockage and impaired blood circulation.

The cold air flow in the blood veins causes qi stagnation and blood stasis, and the complexion will become blue, the meridians will not be able to pass blood, and the body will be painful, and blue will be seen.Complexion.

  Cyan corresponds to the liver, and complexion is more related to the liver.

The liver mainly stores blood and drains it, which can regulate blood flow and systemic air conditioning.

If the liver is good, the qi and blood are peaceful, the skin blood runs too much, and the complexion is ruddy and shiny.

  Essential health supplements with blue complexion: Eat more yellow-green, sour foods.

Such as spinach, rape, celery, olives, oranges and so on.

  Recovery of the liver and purification of blood are performed during sleep.

So nourish the liver before 23 o’clock.

  Angry or emotional tension can hurt the liver, and try to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude.

  Spring is the season when the liver is most active. Take more rest to avoid excessive liver fatigue.

  The complexion of the complexion needs to be refreshed. The complexion of the complexion is the color of the first heat. The complexion is because the body has heat, and there is a difference between virtual heat and real heat.

The real heat is flushed on the face, most of which are Yang Sheng’s exogenous fever, or internal heat; the virtual heat is only the tender red of the cheekbones, which belongs to Yin deficiency and fire.

  According to the five elements, red corresponds to the heart, and complexion is mostly related to the heart.

The heart is the main blood vessel, and the heart qi can promote the movement of blood. The face is the most abundant blood vessel, so the ups and downs of the heart can be scraped from the complexion.

  Health complexion medicine supplements with red complexion: Eat more red, bitter foods.

Such as carrot, strawberry, red bean, tomato, bitter gourd, watermelon and so on.

  Easy exercise helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system. Keeping light exercise like walking or jogging can help your heart.

  Do not use too hot water in the bath, and do not exceed the heart of the bath, these will put a burden on the heart.

  People with a white complexion who need to raise their lungs are pale and red, and those who do n’t go out at home often have white skin, but pathological white is white as white wax.

A pale complexion is a manifestation of weakness in qi and blood that cannot be honored by the body.

Insufficient Yang Qi, weak Qi and blood movement, or blood loss caused by qi exhaustion.

  According to the five elements, white corresponds to the lung, and complexion is more related to the lung.

  White complex health supplements: eat more white, spicy food.

Such as white radish, garlic, Sydney, onion, ginger, ginkgo and so on.

  Fresh air is a good medicine for the lungs. Breathing fresh air can strengthen the respiratory organs.

  During the dry and cold autumn, the respiratory organs are most vulnerable to damage, so you need to pay more attention.

  The yellow complexion requires the spleen to be raised. The pale yellow tincture is called “wildness”, most of which are due to deficiency of spleen and stomach, poor nutrition and blood, so they react on the complexion; yellowing and floating are called “yellow fat”, mostly because of spleen deficiency.Wet evil stops internally; the complexion is yellow and dark like smoke, which belongs to “yin-yellow” and corresponds to the spleen, and the complexion is mostly related to the spleen.

The spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry. If the spleen and stomach function is good, the qi and blood are strong, the complexion is ruddy, and the skin is elastic!

  Essential health supplements with yellow complex drugs: Eat more yellow and sweet foods.

Such as pumpkin, sweet potato, corn, banana, yam and so on.

  The stomach is not good and can be improved by chewing slowly.

Chew more than 30 times each time before swallowing.

  Being overworked and angry can hurt your spleen and stomach, and being cheerful is important.

  Before and after the season, pay special attention to diet hygiene.

  Black complexion needs to nourish the kidney. Black complexion is divided into normal and abnormal black, such as tanning or natural complexion, which is normal black; if there is no existing black, or a piece of black alone with objects, most of them are different colors.  The face is black and dry, and most of them are long-lasting kidney essence; the face is black and dim, which is a loss of yang; the face is black and white, which is internal injury of kidney qi;

  Black corresponds to the kidney, and dark complexion is mostly related to the kidney.

The kidneys mainly contain essence, the kidney essence is full, and the kidney qi is strong, so that the five internal organs can function normally.

  Black-faced health supplements: add more black, salty or greasy food.

Such as black beans, black fungus, black sesame, laver, sea cucumber and so on.

  The weakness of the waist and legs indicates that the kidney function is weak. You should usually take more walks to exercise your lower body, avoid complications and sedentary, and keep the waist and legs blood flowing.

  Too cold is the enemy of the kidneys, so keep warm in winter.

Wearing thick clothes in winter is better than staying in a heated room.