Keyboard and mouse become new channels for red eye disease

Keyboard and mouse become new channels for red eye disease

Computer keyboards and mice in offices and Internet cafes have become another new channel for red eye infections.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the ophthalmology centers of some hospitals in Shanghai that in the past two days, the incidence of red eye disease has increased, and most of them are sporadic.

And more and more white-collar workers have joined the ranks of patients with red eye disease. Among them, too many white-collar workers are overworked, using computer keyboards and mice without paying attention to hygiene, and their eyes are easily infected by bacteria.

  Judging from the outpatient situation of the hospital, since entering the summer vacation, the number of patients who come to the clinic has increased by nearly 30% than before, and nearly 60% of them are due to swimming.

There are too many computer blame or careless personal hygiene.

  Miss Shi, who works for a foreign pharmaceutical company, suddenly noticed that her left eye started to turn red the day before, and then felt itchy, and couldn’t help but want to rub it.

I wanted to endure for a while and passed. I didn’t expect that I woke up early in the morning and found that my eyes not only did not improve, but also became redder and itchy, and there were some eye drops.

Uncomfortable, she came to the hospital and was told by the doctor that she had red eye disease and must be treated immediately.

  It turned out that Ms. Shi was in charge of a company project recently, often working overtime, sitting in front of the computer for more than ten hours.

People are getting tired and their eyes are getting uncomfortable. She often rubs her eyes and keeps working.

As everyone knows, her computer keyboard and mouse have not been sterilized for a long time, and the keyboard stained with sweat and dust accidentally every day, the mouse has stored bacteria.

When resistance decreases, these bacteria erode into the eyes.

  Summer is a period of high incidence of red eye disease. Many people know that swimming can be infected with red eye disease, but the keyboard and mouse infections are negligent.

There are also young people who often go to Internet cafes and are becoming a high-risk group of red eye disease.

Many people touch the computer keyboard and mouse of Internet cafes every day. As long as some of them have red eye disease, the chance of infection is very high.

  Red eye disease is an acute infectious disease of the conjunctiva caused by the virus, which occurs seasonally throughout the year, mostly in summer.

Dr. Liao Huaping, from the Department of Ophthalmology, Ruijin Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, told reporters that because the patient’s eyes secrete a large amount of virus, which is transmitted through hands or objects and water infection in the body, do not rub the eyes with dirty hands.

If people who have been in contact with the computer for a long time develop eye diseases for unknown reasons, it may be because they usually do not pay attention to computer hygiene.

If you do not pay attention to washing your hands, you can become infected easily.

In addition to high-stress, low-resistance white-collar workers are susceptible to infection, young children and migrant workers are also more susceptible to infection.

  Items that come into contact with the eyes should be avoided. The tears of patients with common red-eye disease are highly infectious and should be wiped with clean tissues.

Do not use public towels, handkerchiefs, cloths, sunglasses, eye drops, or any other items that come in contact with your eyes.

In addition, white-collar workers should pay attention to rest, regularly disinfect the computer keyboard and mouse, and pay attention to frequent hand washing.

Swimming enthusiasts are advised to wear goggles while swimming and to drop anti-inflammatory eye drops after each swim.

  If you have a red eyed person at home, be sure to separate the towel and washbasin.

Bathrooms and barber shops should strictly disinfect towels, and swimming pools should be red-eyed patients swimming in the pool again.

If the whiteness of the eyes becomes red, tears, itchy eyelids, swelling, etc., you must go to the hospital in time and use anti-virus eye drops for treatment.