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Clean up “dead beauty” before the holiday

Beauty experts tell us that many people often focus on the face when they are in skin care, and they do n’t use products with various functions.
Compared with the focus on the face, some parts of the body have been ignored and turned into “cosmetic dead spots”, which are prone to various problems and even make you regret it.
  After combing from head to toe, you will find that the scalp, neck, hands and feet are the top three “cosmetic dead corners” that are most easily overlooked. They are the areas that are most easily overlooked. They should be cleaned before the Spring Festival.
  死角1 头皮  清扫迫切指数:★★★★★  按摩膏为头皮做SPA  ●高桥美佳,日本知名美容大师  完整的头发护理应该包括洗发露洗发、护发素护发以及头皮头发按摩三大step.
The most important thing is scalp massage.
After shampooing, take out 3 coin-sized scalp hair massaging creams, apply it to the scalp several times, and then start from the temple, press the thumb along the hairline upward to stimulate the acupoints, and then press laterally from the top of the head.Then slowly press from the forehead hairline to the back of the neck, and then, like lifting the scalp, gently pinch the sides of the head with your fingertips, and tap lightly, and finally pull the hair up and then slowly lower it like a pigtail, “scalp spa”It’s finished.
  死角2 颈部  清扫迫切指数:★★★★★  面霜和身体乳不能代替颈霜  ●牛尔,知名美容达人  洗脸时,可以把洗面奶也用到颈部,由下而上进行按摩,用脸When applying toner, you can also extend the care to the neck, and then gently press from the outside of the shoulder to the inside, from the lower part of the chin to the lower part of the neck. This can massage the lymph and promote blood circulation and toxin shooting.
It should be noted that neither face cream nor body milk can replace neck cream. The neck cream is moist and contains ingredients that make the neck skin firm, moisturized and anti-aging.
Do not use too thick and greasy products, otherwise the contours of the face and neck will be difficult to absorb, which will cause pores to be blocked.
  死角3 手部  清扫迫切指数:★★★★☆  一到两周进行一次深层护理  ●何澄怡,Jurlique美容培训师  正确的日常手部清洁和护理应遵照以下步骤:首先用温和的洗手液清洁手部Skin, develop a good habit of using hand cream immediately after cleansing, especially to strengthen the care around the edge of the hand.
Perform deep hand care once a week or two. After cleaning your hands, soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes to fully soften the cuticles, and then use the body exfoliating products to gently exfoliate the skin, especially nails that are prone to hard skin and barbedThe edge part, and finally apply a thick hand cream to the hands, while giving special moisturization and protection to the hands, it can also brighten the skin color of the hands and reduce pigmentation.
  Experts’ tips: Do n’t forget to wash your hair behind the ears. ● Stone, beauty editor. The most deadly corner of the beauty is the ears, especially behind the ears.
It is best to clean your ears every time you wash your face and hair, including the inside of the ears that are prone to dirt and dirt, as well as the back of the ears. Every time I wash my head, I clean the inside and outside of the ear with a cotton swab carefully.Residues of shampoo products.
In fact, after rubbing the moisturizing product, you may wish to use some moisturizing cream around your ears and massage it gently to relax your nerves. The whole person will feel comfortable.