Hamlet tour to start in 2020, Pu Cunxin hopes to hear criticism

“Hamlet” tour to start in 2020, Pu Cunxin hopes to hear criticism
On December 24, the antique “Hamlet” tour tour conference in 2020, directed by Li Liuyi, Hu Jun, Pu Cunxin, Lu Fang, and Miao Chi.It is reported that the drama “Hamlet” will have a new round of tour in 2020, which will start at the Poly Theatre in Beijing on March 12, 2020.Li Liuyi.The organizer provided a note to the reporter. When the first antique launch event of “Hamlet” was held in 2018, the theme was “Our Hamlet”, and the theme of “Hamlet”, which will start a new round of tour in March 2020, becomes “Your Hamlet “.When Li Liuyi broke through this theme, he said: “Our Hamlet” represents the first round of the tour in 2018. The main creator as the creator created the stage work of “Hamlet”, and expressed hisThe attitude and understanding of this classic work.And in the second round of tour in 2020, “Your Hamlet” has pinned the expectations of the creators on this work, hoping that this “Hamlet” will be recognized by more ordinary people, from “our Hamlet” to “Your Hamlet “.Pu Cunxin and Hu Jun.The organizer provided a picture. In the play “Hamlet”, the player “Pharaoh” Pu Cunxin said: “Today we play” Hamlet “and we feel that there is something that ca n’t be said.To form an image of the stage, let the characters on the white paper and black characters live in front of the audience.Our contemporary artists are going to talk to Shakespeare ‘Are we acting like this?’He can’t talk back, but the audience can talk back.This is a very interesting exchange on and off stage. Our tour is to complete this exchange.There are a lot of spectators sitting under each performance. They cannot all praise us, but we have already expressed our attitude on the stage.We hope to hear comments and hear criticism.”Jun Hu, the actor of” Hamlet “in the play, admitted that this stage work pointed out to him a very big challenge, and the entire rehearsal process was also a process for him to correct and overcome himself.Lu Fang, who plays two roles in the script, also said: “” Hamlet “really made me realize the freedom and happiness after performing beyond time and space. When I completed the transformation of the two roles in” Hamlet “,The other characters have no disadvantages for me.”Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian