10 strokes super tube to dilute acne marks without leaving spots


10 strokes super tube to dilute acne marks without leaving spots


Whitening products have the effect of lightening the acne scars. You can use a series of whitening products for a long time. Remember to keep sunscreen every day while whitening.


Use the whitening mask 2-3 times a week to reduce the appearance of acne scars.


It is important to adhere to regular exfoliation, which can improve the dark acne marks and absorb more whitening from the skin.


Take vitamin C orally daily and eat more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.


You can apply the whitening essence directly on the acne scars and massage gently to promote the absorption of more whitening ingredients.


When using whitening products that contain fruit acid, the effect of lightening spots will be faster. For example, L’Oreal Lactic Acid Whitening Professional Rejuvenation Group or Lancome Rejuvenation and Rejuvenation Series are products containing fruit acid.


If it is not acne scars or acne pits, you can only consider laser surgery.


Do not squeeze by yourself if you have acne, and do not buckle with your hands after crusting. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods. Live and live normally. Do n’t stay up late to ensure sleep and keep your mood comfortable.


Professional fruit acid peels also have a good effect. Fruit acid peels reduce the acne scars by stimulating the proliferation of cells with fruit acid, but the effect of deeper acne scars is limited.


Use products that lighten acne marks, such as THEBODYSHOP purple grass moisturizing gel / acne cream is a product specifically used to repair acne marks.