Jam is nutritious and delicious

Jam is nutritious and delicious

Blue blueberry sauce, crimson hawthorn sauce, amber apple sauce, golden apricot jam, and popular grapefruit tea-these transparent and delicious jams are appearing more and more on people’s tables.
But what nutrition does jam have?
What kind of jam is good?
  Jam, delicious and anti-cancer. Some people say that jam is the continuation of fruit life.
The fresh-keeping period of fruit is often only a few days or ten days, but after making jam, the sour, sweet, and fragrant can be stored in a small bottle for a long time.
  Jam is a great way to preserve fruits, especially for those that are ripe and cannot be refrigerated and not easy to store.
It has many varieties, traditionally including apple, orange, lemon, mango, strawberry, grape, melon, apricot and peach, as well as exotic blackberry, kiwi and passion fruit.
In addition, there are several jams made from a variety of fruits on the market.
“Ni Yuanying told reporters that the principle of making various jams is very similar.
Wash the fruits first, then cut into pieces, blanch them, grind them in a sandwich pot, and cook with sugar.
Traditional jam has a sugar content of> 60%, high heat energy, and a sweet taste.
Now, due to the pursuit of health, low-confectionery products have emerged.
Low candy sauce has a sugar content of 25% -50%, and its outstanding advantages are rich flavor of the original fruit and refreshing taste.
  During the processing of jam, the loss of heat-sensitive substances (such as vitamin C) in fruits is more serious. Generally, it can be alleviated by adding antioxidants or improving the processing technology (microwave ironing, vacuum concentration, etc.).
And minerals (such as potassium, zinc, etc.) are stable in nature and can be preserved intact in jam.
The jams are soft, sweet and sour, with the nutritional ingredients of their respective fruits, which are extremely rich in nutrition.
Infants and young children eat jam to supplement calcium (calcium chloride is added to promote gelation during low-confection sauce processing).
The rich potassium in jam can eliminate fatigue, and zinc can enhance memory.
At the same time, jam does not increase cholesterol and fat content in the body.
  Many people think that the gelatinous, transparent and elastic texture of pectin is due to the addition of gels.
In fact, otherwise, fruits are naturally rich in a gel substance, pectin.
In the process of making jam, this pectin is modified and activated, giving the jam a unique texture.
Pectin is also a very “typical” nutrient in jam. It is actually a soft dietary fiber. It is not only more absorbent than ordinary crude fiber (such as dietary fiber in Chinese cabbage), but it is not like crude fiberThere is also the danger of harming the esophagus or gastrointestinal tract.
The activated pectin in the jam has a stronger ability to prevent cancer.
  Blueberry jam is best. Because the nutritional value of fruits is different, the nutrition of different jams is also different.
Fruits rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids, and minerals produce the best nutritional value of jams.
Blueberry jam is naturally the best choice, as are high-quality haw jam and strawberry jam.
The more types of fruit, the more nutritious theoretically.
Some jam products are very clever and are made by mixing different fruits, which can make up for the deficiency of a single fruit. Compared to if there is too little gum, insufficient sugar or too high acidity, everyone can pay attention to this category when buying.
  In terms of taste, the color is natural, translucent, with a characteristic fruit aroma and taste. The taste is soft and elastic, and the state is between frozen and viscous fluid. It is easy to apply good jam.
The kind of completely frozen state with insufficient aroma and unpleasant taste is poor quality jam.
  ”In people’s previous understanding, jam is mainly used to spread on bread or toast and can also be used as a filling for jam packs.
Ni Yuanying said, in fact, there are still many ways to eat jam.
Jam can be used to make yogurt, add ice cream and other frozen desserts, and even put it in black tea or coffee as sugar. You can also add hot water to make juice.
When you need to use sugar, you can use jam instead, it has more nutritional ingredients and health care substances than simple sugar.
“But it should be noted that jam is very sugary and it is advisable to consume 1-2 spoons per day.
Homemade applesauce Materials: 200 grams of apples (preferably apples that are slightly sour, if the apples don’t have a sour taste, you can squeeze some lemon juice to acidify), 60-100 grams of sugar, and a moderate amount of saline.
  Practice: 1.Wash the apples, peel and core, cut into small pieces or slices, and soak them in fresh saline for 10-15 minutes.


Take a small soup pot, add the apples that have just been soaked, sprinkle half the amount of white sugar, and then pour approximately water, cook over medium heat until the apples are soft and rotten, and the middle should be constantly stirred.

Water can be added at any time according to the situation of cooking.


After the apples are cooked, let cool a little, add a blender, and beat the puree and jam.


Pour the mashed jam back into the pot, add the other half of the caster sugar, squeeze some lemon juice according to the situation, and continue to stir while cooking.

When the jam appears shiny, it can be filled into a wide-mouth jar that has been sterilized with hot water while it is fused.

After cooling, store it in the refrigerator.

After the jam is out of the pan, refrigerate for half a day to one day before the pectin in the fruit will complete the gel and turn into jam.

  Note that homemade jams should be stored refrigerated and eaten as soon as possible.